Things you need to do before selling your home

When it comes to selling our home, we often don't tend to think from the perspective of the buyer, although we may also pose as a buyer while we are selling our property. This time around we would like to give you a couple of tips on some things which are good to be done by you before selling your home. And not only will the buyers be thankful for these, they may even pay you an extra for having all these taken care of by you.

1. Asking for an official home evaluation

There are several companies which deal with home evaluation ( if they are certified of doing so) including many real estate agencies too. Ask for a home evaluation from a neutral party, who doesn't have an interest in your propery's value ( a local agency may intentionally upgrade or downgrade it because they want to sell their own property first and foremost before yours) . this evaluation means a lot, because it helps you understand your home's actual value. It will also help you to do market research, learn about improving the value of your home and much more. When you face home repossession this can be extremely important

2. Ask for a home inspection

It is your best interest to be aware if your home is alright in terms of energy supplies, the state of the electric cords and the quality of heating ( including the air quality). A home inspection is a very thorough check of your home, from all sorts of aspects. If they find something you better fix it before even getting started with the selling. This document adds value to your home this way as well as it saves substantial amounts of money for the buyer as otherwise they would have asked and paid for the inspection.

3. Get a pest control inspection

Especially if you live in a house with a garden which is ever rich in all sorts of insects and pests. While they are not a big issue outside the garden, they can be very detrimental to both your health and to the value of your home, so make sure these are cleared away.

4. Make sure your kitchen is up to scratch

And if it isn't, either try to make it look its best with the help of some paint or lacquer or get a good carpenter to make it look like new. Try to update the kitchen appliances but don't go out of your way and don't overspend on them, as these are mostly quite expensive. Kitchen furniture can really add to the overall value of a home however, so be smart, don't spend a lot but try to bring out the best of what you already have.

5. Pay the yearly taxes and everything you need to pay monthy or yearly in the area

So that you can prove everything is cleared and the new owner won't have to pay an extra for the given period. This can also work in your favor, especially when it comes to the price of your property.