Top 10 moving hacks

Hereby we would like to introduce you to some of the best moving hacks we came to find all over the internet. We hope you can use them for good when it comes to having to move. Let's get started.

At your new place:

  • Before moving starts bring over the separate bad you packed which only consists of cleaning materials and clean the bathroom and the kitchen. This will save you tons of energy for later
  • Make sure you have warm water, internet and electricity by the time you are moving in
  • Wash up all the rooms so that you don't have to worry all that much when the moving starts.
  • These you can also do a few days before the actual moving

Before moving:

  • Pack and select. All things, garments, clothes, accessories which you don't need just pack them in a separate box which has „Donation” written on it and this way you will leave tons of things behind, winning so much time, energy and space in your new home already. There are two great things in donations in the United States: first, you give to a group who will be very happy to get your clothes ( salvation army , red cross, etc.) the second is, that if you ask them for a recipe, you can also ask for a tax deduction.
  • Did you know that you can even donate food? Indeed some organizations welcome non-perishable food as well.
  • Make sure you are full of hard paper boxes and always get more than you wished for. These boxes work wonders. Another thing you should get are the litter bags of all sorts ( but rather large ones)
  • Start packing one or two weeks before the actual move because it will make things easier and much more practical for you
  • Pack according to categories ( books, cosmetics, kitchenware) because it will make all the easier to pack them all out.
  • When it comes to packing heavy things, rather pack only a few in a smaller box, so we ensure that you can bring them in hands.
  • Get as many friends as possible to help you with the packing and the moving. It will pay off and you can even make it a party for later on.
  • Have a separate bag with the necessary cosmetics and garments for a few days

After arriving to the new place: everything will be full of boxes and it will be depressing. So make sure you do the following:

  • Get a moving company who will help you get your furniture and boxes in the exact rooms they are intended to be.
  • Let your bed be the first which will be carried in the bedroom, with a pre-prepared clean linen and bedding. This way you at least ensure you get a good sleep and continue with the rest the other day.
  • Go step by step and try not to stress. Only pack those things which are necessary and leave the rest for tomorrow.

Good luck with the moving! You will see it's well worth once you are all done. Check how we can buy you house now and contact us for more advice.