Tips for Open House event

Open house events are very popular for fast sale home, because this is a special time when visitors can look around in a property. This is a weird mix of a party and an official event. In this article we will serve you with some dos and don'ts for this very day, which can play a key part in selling your house fast.

1.) Make sure everything is as clean as possible

Cleanness is one of the top priorities for everyone who are looking for a property, therefore make sure that your home is as clean as possible.

2.) Remove all personal belongings and put them in a safe storage place

All the buyers want to see a house which can potentially become their home. Therefore only leave those things behind which look good and which showcase the attractiveness of the rooms. You can buy some lamps, open the fireplace if you own one and do decorations as those are much liked by everyone.

3.) Declutter

Serious decluttering is a must-do before selling your house. And with a good reason. It will free up tons of space for you and also help your home look its very best

4.) Consider staging

Staging is a good real estate method which is arranged by a real estate broker and an interior designer with the help of rented furniture. Magically it doesn't cost as much as it looks and it can really pay off!

5.) Make sure no kids are around during Open House

No matter how much you love your kids, make sure they are not in the house during an open house. Not everyone likes kids, especially when they are still smaller and they also distract the attention from the property.

6.) Don't keep pets around during Open House

Same goes for pets too. With the addition that many people are allergic to animal hair which can sabotage any Open House event big time.

7.) Try not even being there during an Open House

If the event is organized by your broker, do not be there. You may only distract or disturb those who want to look around.

8.) Even if you are there do not follow people around

If you are doing the Open House alone or you want to attend definitely do your best to stay out of the way and most importantly don't ever follow your visitors. Otherwise they will feel like guests instead of feeling like potential buyers.

9.) Leave it to the professional

Don't start talking about business during Open House. Leave it to a later date and let it be arranged by your real estate broker.

10.) Don't do open house without the presence and help of a broker

These events are very tiring and need tons of professionalism. We really suggest everyone only to do them if they are not at home and if the whole can be arranged by a real estate agent. Trust them they will do a very good job.

11.)And last but not least, check out if any of your competition has their own Open house and if they do, don't hesitate to visit them to see how your property and price measure up.